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"Our board of directors in Japan decided to terminate pension plans and retiree medical plans of U.S. subsidiaries. I was asked to complete this project by working with LORMA. LORMA's technical capabilities and previous experiences in terminating the plans helped us to avoid any legal issues and complete this complex project while managing local employee communications. I was so impressed with your firms high quality service and project management capabilities."
M. Nakamura
New York, NY 

"I was reviewing the compensation levels of our executives, and I felt that the base salaries of many executives are too high. We requested LORMA to conduct benchmarking analysis and found out that the compensation levels of some executives are too high and some are too low. We worked with LORMA to analyze the variances and issues and found that the internal consistencies did not exist. Thus, we asked LORMA to help us with a grade system that reflects competencies required for each job. Also, we asked LORMA to set up a pay structure consistent with the new grade system and is market competitive. Our executives are involved in the project and now understand our compensation system much better."
T. Sugiyama
Detroit, MI